With a passion for all things beautiful, we offer so much more than just interior design services. We specialize in home, guesthouses, hotels and office make-overs as well as creating soft furnishings available from our online shop. Contact us for custom curtains, blinds, upholstery, furniture and décor items to suit your style – and we even make fashionable face masks.


If anyone could make broken look beautiful, it is Adelita. Her strength is what keeps her going. She has a hurricane of crazy chaos around her and loves life with all her heart.

In Touch Furniture was born from the passion of self-starter and all round power-house, Adelita Calitz. Early on she realized that only through hard work and determination can you be successful.

Starting her career in construction and housing projects, she realized her love for all things interior, which encouraged her to do a course in Interior Decorating. More recently she also completed a 4 year diploma in Interior Design, allowing her the opportunity to offer her clients the best service.